Wednesday, 5 April 2017

Secure Facebook with Two-Step Verification (OTP)

Secure Facebook with Two-Step Verification

Secure Facebook with Two-Step Verification

So many people complaining to Facebook their account has been hacked. If you are following this method no one can hack your Facebook account. It is our guarantee.

How It's Possible:

Most of the people log-in to Facebook with just a username, password. So our username and Password can be hacked easily and anyone can learn quickly. So we are login username, password, along with our phone  OTP (One Time Password). No one can be accessing our account, is not it? So far, It's a powerful method.

How To Enable This Option?

General Settings -> Security Settings in this Login Approvals option is there. Currently, It's not Appear in India. It's available in the US only.  Once Enable Login Approvals in this account will no longer worry about your Account.

Update 3rd April 2017: It is now available in India. Use 2-Factor Authentication in Settings Security Login to enable it to do that. Please follow the following steps, the rest left to VPN.

How to do this in INDIA?

Secure Facebook with Two-Step Verification (OTP)

It's very simple ... Download from Google Play Store to your Android smartphone VPN app is anything like Turbo VPN. iOS user VPN be used for anything else. I want to download Hotspot Shield, however, such as computer software. So first on your phone/computer, the VPN software at the site of the US Open, and select .. .. Virtual Location Connect. That's it, now you are connected to be in the US.

How to configure this?

VPN may be run in a side .. Open your Facebook App. If you log in facebook before you start VPN close and open again your facebook.
Now go to Account Settings
General settings facebook

Security Option
Security setting facebook

a new option to enable the unit to go to the Login Approvals.
You will get Enter Mobile Number screen.

Mobile OTP facebook

Once enter your mobile number you will get OTP to register mobile number, Then enter the OTP in the app screen.
Mobile OTP facebook securityStart Setup:

set up Two step verification facebook
security facebook two step verify
Successfully Activated Login Approvals.

Now no one can hack your account. (Remove the VPN app it's your choice.)

A hacker is someone who's your username, password tries to access your account with their phone/computer tries to log in it's ask OTP. So there you have it .. how can login hackers?
So as soon as Protect your Facebook account.

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