Sunday, 11 June 2017

60 Percent of Indian Companies in Malware Risk | Cyber Attack

Indian companies need to upgrade the cyber security infrastructure or else risk getting hacked again and lose business.

Despite Ransomware WannaCry and Fireball malwares posing threats, most of the companies in India seems to have learned nothing, says the EY Advisory Services cyber security report.
It has come to light that more-than 60 percent of the companies in India are still using the unregulated software.
Before last month Ransomware WannaCry episode, over 50,300 cyber security incidents like phishing, website intrusions and defacement's, virus and denial of services attacks were observed in the country during 2016,  CERT(Indian Computer Emergency Response Team) report said.
Though these major Indian corporate companies are scaling their spending on cyber security, several medium and small Indian industries are neglecting such threats.
It's advised that companies big or small must set up the software asset management team in the companies that can operate a secure and cost effective IT environment.
The software asset management team will also keep a tab on inadvertent downloads of malware through unauthorized software (or created by the unknown publisher) by naive company officials.
It would also take care of the upgrading to newer and safe software from older versions and also unauthorized access of personal devices to corporate networks, among others.

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